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    Pushing You Outside of

    Your Comfort Zone

  • What Can Sasha Bring to Your Organization?

    Sasha wears many hats in the real estate industry- she is an "in-the-trenches" practicing real estate agent with an effective sales team, she leads a boutique real estate brokerage in Central Virginia, and she speaks, teaches, and mentors real estate agents across the U.S. and internationally. She has a wide array of knowledge and experience to share with her real estate peers, and a track record of success.


    If you are looking for humor, fun, and someone who will keep the entire room engaged in a class packed from beginning to end with content and implementable tactics- Sasha is the speaker for you.

    Real Estate Agent

    Focused on Residential Sales and First Class Service

    Team Leader

    Principal Broker and Owner of a Boutique Brokerage

    Speaker & Instructor

    An International 

    Speaker & Instructor


    Coached and Trained by 

    The CORE Training

  • Sasha's Background & Experience

    Personal and Professional Portfolio

    Brief Bio

    Sasha Farmer is a residential REALTOR® in Charlottesville, VA and the Principal Broker and Owner of Story House Real Estate.. Sasha also speaks and teaches internationally as a CRS Annual Sell-A-Bration Speaker, webinar instructor, and she coaches agents at state and local association conferences nationwide- her experience and knowledge that she gathers from the other best real estate agents in the industry provide her company with invaluable marketing expertise, fresh ideas, and puts them on the leading edge of technology and marketing strategy. She has been selected by REALTOR® magazine as one of the Top 30 REALTORS Under 30, was recognized on the list of Inman Top 101 Real Estate Influencers in the nation, and has been the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® REALTOR® of the Year (2016), Sales Associate of the Year (2012), and Rookie of the Year (2008).



    One of the most essential parts to Sasha’s business is her mission statement: Story House Real Estate aims to delight and surprise our clients, deliver exceptional service, and exceed their expectations at every step in the transaction. You can see this interwoven into her business decisions, company systems, and service-oriented structure.

    In the day-to-day functions of the company, this commitment to delighting and surprising clients is achieved by specialization and focused expertise in each position- whether it is working with buyers, sellers, handling marketing, administration, or contract-to-closing. Sasha primarily handles listings, but also works with many of our buyers who need to sell their home first and then go on to buy their next home concurrently. She handles all negotiations and strategy for Story House sellers, which ensures a consistent, reliable marketing plan for every home. With other people on the team taking care of the more routine marketing and closing functions of our transactions, Sasha is leveraged to be able to focus entirely on WHO the buyer of each home will be, HOW we will find them, and WHERE we need our marketing to be to reach them with your STORY.


    Story House Real Estate employs aggressive marketing strategies to leverage their clients over their competitors, and every member of Sasha's team is self-motivated, empowered, and inspired- committed to providing a first class experience every time. As a result, Story House Real Estate forms lasting relationships with their clients and business partners, and consistently ranks amongst the Best Real Estate Agents/Teams in Charlottesville by local polls and publications, including the C-Ville Weekly and Daily Progress Readers Choice.

    She is an inspirational speaker, an “in-the-trenches” Realtor, and an effective leader- she will be sure to provide information and insight that will help immediately improve your business.

  • Speaking and Teaching Topics

    Sasha speaks on a variety of different real estate topics. The material listed below is some of her favorite, but she is also happy to custom design a presentation specific to her audience.

    Crushing Your Competition at the Listing Table

    Guarantee Your Listing Clients the Highest Possible Price, in the Shortest Amount of Time, with the Least Hassle

    Sasha will provide attendees with her full listing marketing plan, from the initial intake of the lead, though the preparation for the pricing walk-through, the client meetings, the roll-out of a unique marketing plan, and the contract-to-closing service process. Tools and tips to make your listing stand out amongst the competition-  Facebook sneak previews, move-up neighborhood mailers, individual property websites, social media exposure, print collateral, her full marketing plan, and more. All of the material you need to take listings in your sleep!

    How to Get 70 Hours of Work Done in a 40 Hour Week

    Time Management and Getting Things Done

    Systems and strategies to prioritize your business development
    activities, focus on income-producing time, and minimize distractions. Great tips for both the solo agent and top producing teams, Sasha will share her best tips and tricks on how to manage your tasks instead of letting your tasks manage you, resulting in spending all of your hours in their highest and best use. 

    Generate $200,000 a Year from Just 50 Clients and Accounts

    Being the "Business Person's" Agent of Choice

    In this course, Sasha will teach agents how to take great care of their Top Clients and Referral accounts, with a proven system to generate 1/2 of your business from this small category of people. This includes marketing plans to business people (HR managers, accountants, divorce attorneys, and more), and events that will engage the business community and make your team a magnet for business professionals in your town. 

    Building the Dream Team and Hiring without Hesitation

    Leverage and Delegate to Double Your Production

    Sasha will teach attendees the formula for growing a first class real estate sales team. This course will help take the mystery out of the real estate hiring process!

    Running Your Business Like a Business

    Treating Real Estate More Like a Profession and Less Like a Hobby

    Sasha will help attendees identify their goals in income, transactions, expenses and savings. Her goal is to help attendees create a business that would be marketable and ultimately, salable. This is a great course for agents nearing retirement or making big decisions about how and when to grow!

    Business Planning & Goal Setting

    Setting Achievable Goals for Your Real Estate Business

    Sasha will work with attendees to create their "Wildly Important Goals" and a plan to achieve them. This is a great class for the winter months, as agents are gearing up for a fresh start to a new year! Students will leave with a solid plan as well as actionable, measurable steps to get there and to gauge their progress quarterly.

    Consistent, "No Surprises" Contract-to-Close

    Delegate 100% of Contract-to-Closing and Guarantee No Surprises!

    This course will teach you a step-by-step process for contract-to-closing that can be done 100% by an assistant, and will ensure a smooth, consistent, predictable, stress-free closing for your clients!

  • Feedback from Speaking Engagements

    The results speak for themselves.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic webinar. At the last count, more than 200 people registered for it. The early feedback from evaluations shows that each and every person so far rated you as excellent--a score of five out of five. That has never happened before. You did an amazing job. You are so warm and articulate. This recording will be a valuable overview of databases for many less experienced agents for years to come!

    – Barbara Kidzus, Education Manager- Council of Residential Specialists

    Sasha, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your incredible expertise and knowledge with our members during Sell-a-bration – I received so much feedback from members (AND exhibitors!) about your session and how wonderful it was, it was just validation that we have the best and smartest members and I wanted to make sure you heard it from as many people as possible!

    – Stephanie Crain, Director of Business Development, Certified Residential Specialists

    My life has been real estate for 30 years (sales, management, teaching, coaching and speaking). After meeting Sasha and listening to her, I was overly impressed with her demeanor and her caring, yet business oriented, style. Sasha and her team have created a very impressive, systemized, yet heartfelt business model. And, she cares about and gives back to her community. Sasha is the real deal and I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn from her.

    – Jackie Beyke Leavenworth

    I met Sasha at Sell-A-Bration Coronado. Amazing teacher who gave an amazing presentation. I was impressed with her knowledge, passion and how business oriented she is. She puts it with her own personal touch. I'm looking forward to more opportunities at conferences to learn from her.

    - Cari Knapp

    !!! Fantástica conferencia. Gracias por todo tu tiempo !!!


    You rock, Sasha! You leave great fans here: Please come back soon!

    - Juan Miguel Seguro and Fernando Garcia Erviti (Inmocionante - Madrid, Spain.)

    I met Sasha at the recent Certified Residential Specialists convention in San Diego, where Sasha was a panelist and speaker. I was so impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and attitude of getting things done in a first-class way. In my opinion, Sasha was one of the top presenters at this convention.

    – Sherrie Au

    After a 20+ year successful Real Estate Practice in Indiana, we closed shop and started from scratch in Tucson. You've reinforced our commitment to carry on with our plans and have given us great tools & ideas as well as new techniques we'll be implementing. Your presentation at Sell-a-bration was superb. We'll ride on your coat tails any day. KUDOS!

    – Christine Schaefer

    You’re a true professional, thank you for taking the time to deliver such great information about how you run your business team without conjecture on how others may run theirs. Your insight was incredible, and was delivered impeccably. I wanted to email you personally to say thank you for presenting one of the best 60 minute seminars I’ve ever attended. You got started on time and without much fanfare, and dove right into your material. You mixed your attention between your material, while addressing questions on the fly from the audience without skipping a beat.

    – Chuck Hicks

    Your presentation was excellent. It was both motivational and inspiring. It covered all aspects of your listing marketing efforts and also gave our top sales associates additional new ideas to implement in their business plans. We truly appreciate your down to earth style and your very successful business acumen. You more than fulfilled my expectations and it was such a pleasure to meet you and listen to your wonderful ideas.

    - Robin Peterson

    Sasha is the complete package--- Motivational, Informational, Engaging and Entertaining! She can control the room very effectively and keep everyone engaged during the whole presentation. You will walk away from her presentation as a renewed person ready to succeed at a higher level in our challenging real estate business. She packs what could be a two day seminar into two hours.



    Evren Senol

    I had the privilege of hearing Sasha Farmer present at the 2016 CRS Sell-a-bration. When I signed up for Sell-a-bration I had a single goal in mind: To learn all I can learn about listings. As the first class at the conference I was blown away with all the content she provided! Not only did she provide me with practical advice about listing homes but she provided me with a blue print on how to systematize my business!

    If you're looking for a speaker who is personable, engaging and generous then look no further than Sasha Farmer! Your audience/employees will come away from the speech entertained and with information they can start applying immediately.

    -David Gonzalez 

    In today's real estate world it's easy for newer agents to get lost in the constant barrage of promises to help build your business and expand your reach. After feeling fleeced more than once I became reluctant to spend money to boost my business because I didn't want to feel "taken" again. Howver, Coach Sasha's presentation was something completely different. In under an hour I'd learned multiple best practices and tools (with proven results!) that genuinely make sense. I look forward to learning more from Coach Sasha and her team!


    -John Simpson

    This presentation was a wake-up call to get our team organized again...we have gotten so busy that we don't stop to develop materials that will help us with every listing . It was very, very helpful to us. We liked the speed of presentation, and the very specific details. We are setting new goals based on your talk with our group.

    - Joyce Peterson

    Sasha's no nonsense style makes you take notice of how you are doing business. It shows there are a multitude of ways to be successful, and she can help lead you down one of those rosy paths to the future. She covered a lot of ground and it got the juices flowing on what we can do better.

    - Chad Larsen 

    Amazing. Inspirational. Reinvigorating. I attend multiple Realtor, franchise and affinity group conventions annually. This was one of my favorite sessions of all-time. I can't express enough how relevant and timely Sasha is with tactics, actual instructions, you can implement TODAY to increase your net income! Move over Barbara Corcoran -- real estate has a new darling!

    -Eric Axelson, Broker/Instructor, NAGLREP Board of Directors

    Sasha's presentation "Crushing the Competition at the Listing Table" is a 55 minute bible of ingenious new ideas for winning the listing, and refreshing applications of core listing concepts.

    -Scott Gleason

    Your presentation was captivating and motivational. I couldn’t believe that 60 minutes could go so quickly! I was so impressed that you are willing and anxious to share the methods you used to obtain and maintain a successful business. Thank you!!

    -Darlene Barber

    Sasha's presentation was insightful and truly outside the box thinking. By putting a twist on some of the traditional marketing avenues she has provided a system for listing agents to get ahead of their competition.

    -Renee Garland

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